All private bookings require security deposits, fully refundable at check out. If you prefer not to pay this security deposit please book by third party booking services like Expedia, Airbnb or VRBO.

All private bookings have options to pay online Venmo, zelle or paypal (3% fee for guest).

Tiny Homes: $300 Security deposit
*All security deposits will be refunded by 3 pm day of check out.
*Venmo, Zelle, PayPal (PayPal may include a fee)

Triton’s Place includes 1/2 beachfront property: Security deposit $1500

Triton’s Cozy Condo: Security deposit $500

Triton’s Tomb: Security deposit $500

Triton’s Playhouse ground floor condo beach access: Security deposit $500

*Payable at day of check in through Venmo or Zelle titled “Refundable deposit.”

Please review all rules for each individual condo or the beach house.

Payment methods:

Venmo @beachfronthomes_23


Zelle: Tritons Resort LLC; email:; last 4 digits of phone *2964

Cancellation policy

Any cancellations before 90 days full refund
Cancellations <90 days; 50% refund
Cancellations <60 days; no refund
*Emmergency situations exempt and may qualify for full refund based on situation. Every case is different.